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The team at Winner Muay Thai is one of a very high caliber, with extremely experienced trainers and fighters. The owners and head trainers of Winner Muay Thai are;

 Kru Noi Sityodtong &

Tum "Winner Muay Thai" (formerly known as Tum Sityodtong) 


Kru Tum has built a strong reputation all over the world, fighting and Instructing in Australia, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand and USA. He has had over 100 fights including Fighting and winning eight times at Lumpinee stadium, beating the best from Australia and New Zealand between 2012 and 2016. In 2015 Tum became the WMC M.A.D World Champion against the very strong Samuel "Dekkers" Bark and winning 2 gold medals in the WKA World Championships in Spain. Kru Tum believes his best years are still ahead of him. on September 2nd, 2016 he is contracted to fight on Lion Fight in New York. Tum’s relaxed calm nature and amazing skill mean you can work with intensity but without animosity or negative aggression.

Kru Noi, is a respected former Champion fighter with 120 fights under Master Yodtong, 85 wins, 35 loss inc. Top 10 in Rajadamnern Stadium. Kru Noi returns to Pattaya after 3 years of running gyms in Singapore. Prior to this he was one of the main trainers at Sityodtong, developing champions and helping Westerners experience real Muay Thai. His size and no nonsense training style helps bring out your best.

By training at Winner Muay Thai you not only get to enjoy new, clean facilities and equipment, the best trainers - experienced in working with Westerners you will also get to train, clinch and spar local fighters all while helping the local community and this very special family.

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